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            Welcome to visit Xiamen haidelong electronics Limited by Share Ltd securities referred to: haidelong Stock Code: 834954

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            Xiamen haidelong electronics Limited by Share Ltd was founded in March 2002, the registered capital of 16 million yuan, in December 11, 2015, the company officially landed three new board, the securities referred to: haidelong, stock code: 834954.

            Xiamen haidelong electronics Limited by Share Ltd is the largest R & D, production and sales as one of professional production of electronic packaging materials enterprises, domestic high-end specialty materials testing leader, is China three new board first chip precision protection of enterprises.

            Haidelong has more than 10 thousand square meters production base in Xiamen City, Xiangan torch hi tech Zone, with the domestic first-class haidelong automatic tape production equipment, the production process for the international leading position, current carrying the first type to area nine (once forming also prepared nine carrier tape), not only the core technology to improve productivity greatly, and greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of the product, the product marketing competitiveness to a new level.

            Haidelong passed ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification, and has won the "high-tech enterprise", "private technology enterprises in Xiamen City, Xiamen City, the growth of small and medium enterprises" title, has more than and 20 utility model patents and an invention patent and other intellectual property rights.

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